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I don’t mind the environment, I really don’t. Actually, I’d like it to
get better. After all, it’s a fact that it’s not exactly in good
shape. But God, do I hate radical environmentalists.

One of them has recently had a brilliant idea for the environment:
kill 90% of all human beings.

He’s not joking, either. He really believes that that would be the
best thing to do for the environment. Oh, he’s not advocating really
doing it, but as a principle, he thinks it would be a good idea.

So much so that he has found a method to do so: release
Ebola virus in the air with huge tanker planes. That’s nice. Not only does he want to kill people, but he also wants to make sure that they die a slow and painful death.

When are these wacko environmentalists going to understand that:

  1. Humans are part of nature
  2. The environment is per se worth less than human lives, and
    we only started worrying about the environment in the first place because it is needed for human survival

Until all those stupid deep ecology lovers understand those two very simple points, I will continue to oppose them as strongly as I can.

As for our stupid scientist I started talking about earlier, I suggest
we give him a taste of his own medicine by inoculating him the ebola
virus. That will be fun. I’m sure the Earth would be better off
without him at any rate.